Tips to Make More of Your Design Features

Tips to Make More of Your Design Features

There are many things to consider when it comes to interior design. Some of them have more impact than others, but all the factors of the design need to work as a collective and not as stand-alone features.

Just as the entire home or office space needs to have a flow of energy, so too do the different elements of the design.

As an example, open floor plans can be used for various purposes and cordoned off for privacy in simple and adaptable ways. 

There was talk of the open plan living and workspace being a thing of the past, but it remains one of the most efficient and effective uses of space.

The fact that you can change the look and layout of select areas means that you have a fresh palette to use for your ideas and innovations.

Why the design of furniture matters

As with any interior design, the choice of furniture is a key to creating something which is aesthetically appealing, comfortable to use and functional as well.

There is a great deal of hard work involved in creating a space that is well lit, nicely laid out and is the perfect mix of the practical and pleasing to the eye.

Choosing the wrong furniture can easily bring all that work undone.

The most common mistakes in the choice of furniture are:

  • The wrong scale of the furniture to the size of the space
  • Having too many different designs and ones that clash
  • Overcrowding the space
  • Leaving dead space that is unfurnished
  • Not having things that are fit for purpose
  • Blocking access and traffic flow

It can be easier than you realise to make more of the space you have if you have a list of the mistakes as a checklist to cover.

By asking yourself the questions of sizing, access, placement and function, you have a better chance of choosing the right design features from the very beginning.

Summing up the space 

The role of furniture is to be both practical and appealing. 

This applies to both the furniture in your home or in the workplace. Being comfortable with where you sit is crucial to your ability to use the space.

If you have ever been seated at a dining table and had to endure the trouble of sitting in discomfort, then you know how much of an impact that can make on your experience. Even if the food is delicious and the company is engaging, you will never be fully able to enjoy yourself.

This is the same story when it comes to a working situation. Having the wrong furniture can be distracting and detrimental to getting the most productive results for the work involved. 

Choosing a high-quality executive chair can bring out the right balance of comfort, style and functionality. It is a similar situation when you select the best in home office chairs which allow you to perform your tasks more effectively.

Productivity and performance go hand in hand with the style and design of furniture, especially in the case of a workspace. 

You will want to avoid having a cluttered work area or furniture that sets the wrong mood for the tasks required. 

What to avoid in furnishing 

There is a tendency to want to fill every space with a piece of furniture. This can also be a factor when it comes to wall space. Too many people forget the importance of letting a room ‘breathe’. 

This is when you resist the temptation to add yet another finishing touch to the room.

There is nothing wrong with an empty area and, in fact, it can allow the focus to stay on the feature piece or pieces of design.

On the other hand, you don’t want to fall into the trap of leaving too little to the imagination. This can make it appear that you have misjudged the size of the space or that you cannot afford to complete the furnishing of the area. 

Clutter is distracting and even unsettling to many people. Unfurnished or insufficiently fitting out an area can make people feel vulnerable and exposed. 

What your choice of style is saying

You have the ability to make a strong statement with the furniture and design features you choose. 

It is your chance to show a number of different aspects of your taste and the personality of your home or business. 

This is when you can make the most of your interior design style and create the right impression from the outset. There is nothing quite as powerful as making the strongest possible first impression.

If you don’t have a particular flair for styling or need inspiration for how to create the right feel and look, it makes sense to talk to a trusted professional.

With the choice of the top interior designers Sydney has enjoyed renewing its profile as a design destination.

There are clever ways to make more of your existing design features too.

Bringing the best design features together

There is often a tendency to think that you will need to make a significant outlay when it comes to furnishing your place. This includes the idea that everything will need to be bought new when there is greater value in utilising what you already have.

A classic example of this is with timber and woodwork within a space. It could be anything from an outdoor deck area to an indoor framework. 

Rather than go to the trouble of renovating and replacing your furnishings, it is better to rejuvenate them. This is where a quality clear decking oil or deck sealer can make all the difference.

Adding stylish touches throughout the space can make the design elements have a special cohesion. 

There is a powerful energy and flow to having all the design features come together. It brings unity to the look and feel of the space that give you the opportunity to highlight special items if you want to.

When style and taste are combined you are on the path to a successful design and the best result for the intended space.

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