Customising your brand for your customers

Customising your brand for your customers

It is getting harder every day to make your brand stand out in the constant flux of promotional techniques and gimmicks. The marketplace is awash with different forms of brand promotion and so-called ‘gurus’ who claim to know what will be guaranteed to work for you.

The questions are:

1) Does it relate to your business?

2) Does it apply to your industry?

3) Is it easy to implement?

4) How effective will it be in terms of sales results?

5) Is there a measurable ROI?

There is no ‘one size fits all ’ approach to marketing and promotion. 

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to know your own brand and what you stand for. Without that clear understanding, you are at risk of promoting yourself to the wrong market and for the wrong reasons. This puts you in danger of being irrelevant or wasting your time and that of potential clients. 

One effective way of promoting your business is through quality promotional products.

What makes a good promotional product?

The key to a strong and effective promotion is the quality of that promotion.

This needs to feed through from the original idea and the way it is executed.

When it comes to promotional products, you have the chance to showcase the personality of your brand and what you want to say to your target market.

The power of a good promotional product is that it can be both eye-catching and have a longer shelf life than other forms of marketing.

Australian made promotional products

As an Australian business, it makes sense to utilise the best in promotional products in Australia and show that you are interested in both quality and being part of a collective effort to help local businesses. 

This could be anything from a special Melbourne showbag or the latest in a branded drink bottle. The key to offering a memorable promotional product is to ensure that it is:

– Useful

– Appealing

– Quality made

– Gives your brand both exposure and recall

When someone is able to use that product and have it visible to others, you have your brand in front of a wider span of would-be clients. It is your business name, logo or brand motto that is being seen and remembered.

The whole point of promoting your brand

Many people are under the misconception that having a brand on display is something that is easy to ignore or may be confused in some way.

Unless your branding is too close to another business or is badly designed, just the fact that your name is out there means that you can be seen. 

It is not drastically different to having a website that pops up on the first page in the top search engine. Being able to be found and remembered is the key to continued success. 

Your brand needs to be ‘top of mind’ wherever possible and for all the right reasons. Leaving it to the word of mouth or simple chance is never going to be as effective as actively promoting your business as the best possible choice for your target market.

How poor-quality promotion works against you

There is an important rule of thumb when it comes to a promotion that should never be ignored. That is to make sure that the quality of each and every promotion is of the highest standard possible.

It doesn’t mean that you need to make a huge outlay in what you do, but keep in mind that a low-quality promotion can put your brand in a bad light. 

Cheap and nasty promotional products will mean that you are instantly associated with being less than the best.

You cannot expect that both your existing clients and target market will hold you in high esteem if you give them a low-quality promotion.

SEO marketing and the different channels 

Promoting your brand with the best quality possible extends to using the best possible SEO marketing skills.

The strongest and most reliable search marketing services will be able to bring you the benefits of gaining traffic organically from search engines.

You can get different levels of results from your online marketing tactics, but your organic marketing is crucial to your growth on a long-term basis. While it will usually take longer to achieve the results you are ultimately after, it can be done with a smaller budget than paid advertising, and it lasts longer.

Having your different streams of marketing working together is the key to having powerful branding and one that reflects who you are and where you want to be.

This is where you can customise the way you brand yourself to your different customers and how and where they will find you.

The best way forward in your marketing

When you undertake a marketing journey, it is important to be aware of the difference between what you think your brand says and what it is actually saying to prospective and existing clients.

Doing the same thing, year after year, may be beneficial in some circumstances but are you showing what you can offer and presenting it in a clear and engaging way? 

Sometimes, re-branding is necessary, and yet that can have the pitfall of going too far from where you are and what you stand for.

On the other hand, it can pay to think outside the box and use your branding in an unusual but memorable way. For example, a team building exercise could be used as a way to bring the staff together with a branding edge to it. Something like custom basketball jerseys can be a simple but effective way to have your brand appear in a different light. With a clever and well-styled basketball jersey design, your business can be seen as active and powerful. 

There are other ways to get your brand out there and to be seen by potential customers, but the key to success is to ensure that it reflects your brand in the best way. 

Whichever way you go with your promotion, make it as easy for your target market to engage with you and have your existing clients remember that they are dealing with the right team. It’s your business to show you’re the best business around.